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Embrace our Souls

Up North

Up North

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The sultry waters of a deep, blue lake, the sandy shores and wild, tall pine trees, the cloudy blue sky, and the silhouette of a single canoe on the water, are what being Up North feels like.

Comprised of blue Goldstone, Snowflake Obsidian and blue and green sea sediment Jasper.

All our custom designed bracelets are made of real, authentic earth stones, making these pieces a unique part of any wardrobe. 

It is our goal to have your items shipped to you within a few days--assuming we have the stones on hand.  However, stone availability may impact our ability to get your items to you as quickly as desired and there may be a short lead time.

Oh, and remember that your purchases do good in the world. They help foster connection, community, inclusion, and change, and that is the real reason we are here. So for that, we at EOS thank you so much for supporting

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