Let's Start a Fundraiser!


At EOS, we partner with groups to create custom fundraisers. This could include School sports teams, boosters, Club sports, Awareness Days, advocacy causes, you name it!
Items in the fundraiser can be customized by the group requesting the fundraiser. We can even create new products for special requests. We offer a give-back of $5.00 per bracelet sold back to your cause! In addition to the monetary give back, EOS donates one hand-engraved Connection bracelet to the fundraiser group per 10 bracelets sold. The affirmation beads are engraved by a small business in the Ukraine-what an amazing opportunity to support others! These Connection bracelets were the foundation for the mission of EOS, and the intention is to create opportunities for youth and adults to support others by giving the bracelet to the person they feel needs it most. 

 Please contact us using the form below with your inquiries and ideas regarding fundraisers. 

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