About Our Products


Our authentic earth stone designer bracelets are created and hand-strung by Emily and Jane. Our bracelets tell stories and share connection through those stories with those who wear them. We recognize a huge need in our world to create things of joy, love and all things human in order to make change and give us a reason to come together, which we do through jewelry. 

Our custom school spirit bracelets are handmade and include custom school logo charms.  The affirmation beads on our connection bracelets are hand-engraved and sourced from a partner small business in the Ukraine.

Inspiration to create comes from all different places and people in our world, and also from within ourselves--it is what we love to do the most!  We use beads of different sizes, shapes, colors and styles to create what we consider meaningful, creative, fun and authentic. 

We are constantly creating new designs so check back often and sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know about newest and limited edition designs, closeouts, and coupon codes!

 Thank you for supporting our small business!