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Embrace our Souls



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For 90% of my life I lived within the parameters of what society put me in. I’m fun and sparkly and loud… within the box.

At 30 that box cracked open a bit. And over the last 15 years things have started to pour into those cracks. A knowing. An unlearning. A power. A peace.

Then last year happened. And I was ripped open in ways that I could never have predicted and it wasn’t a trickle into the cracks anymore. It was a full blown volcano of lava erupting and melting everything in me. 

Transformation is an inside job. Often, as humans, we don’t want to. Until we have to. And then we cocoon. We melt. Into sludge. Then to emerge. Radiant.

Life is just a series of transformations. Birth and death and all the in between is just us transforming into the next version of ourselves.

In this last year I have cocooned, melted to sludge and emerged again, realizing that I have indeed been a square trying to fit into a round hole most of my life, but the difference now is, I know I don’t have to try to fit into that peg, because who I am isn’t meant to. And by me telling you the stories of my own transformations I free myself a little bit more every time because you are seeing the real me. The true me. And holy shit is that freeing.

These bracelets come from the depths of me. These are the journey of my life, and yours, because we are all connected. Our stories intersect and they don’t intersect unless we tell them.

Bracelet comprised of green Jade as the caterpillar starting to cocoon, faceted brown dragon vein agate creating the spinning and transforming, then the faceted clear quartz to get the rainbow of all the colors we emerge to be, finished by multi- sea sediment Jasper to represent the vibrancy of all your colors. 

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