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Embrace our Souls

Dedication to Brian S. Fredrickson

Dedication to Brian S. Fredrickson

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 Introducing the "Lead with Love" bracelet, a powerful tribute to the enduring spirit of Brian S. Fredrickson. Crafted with care, this bracelet features an engraved bead from a Ukrainian designer, symbolizing unity across borders. The centerpiece is adorned with Mookaite, a nurturing stone that guides us through stress, aids in decision-making, and fosters emotional growth.

As Brian often advocated, "Lead with Love," this bracelet embodies his passion for leadership and positive influence. The Mookaite, with its soothing properties, serves as a protective shield against negativity and supports us in accepting change. Its vibrant colors mirror the spirit of the University of Minnesota, a place close to Brian's heart.

Priced at $39, this bracelet honors Brian's age, an intentional gesture that extends to the heart of its purpose: Profits from each sale contribute to the Brian S. Fredrickson leadership minor scholarship, a living legacy established to inspire and support aspiring leaders in his name.

Wear the "Lead with Love" bracelet with pride. Embrace the energy, new ideas, and kindness it symbolizes. Let it be a reminder of Brian's enduring legacy and the strength that comes from leading with love in every aspect of life.

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