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Embrace our Souls



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Counterpart to the In Between

We have come up with the concept of “I don’t see color” as a way to unify us all. What the world looks like if we don’t see skin color, personalities, abilities, cultures, traditions and all of the beautiful and colorful things that make us, well us, is blank. Colorless. I choose to live in a world where all of the above exists, creating a tapestry of humanness woven together in the most brilliant patterns, and what a beautiful place that is.

The bottom is comprised of white Jade. While beautiful, by itself there isn’t anything that makes it stand out. The faceted clear quartz is to symbolize the conscious change of thought pattern. The “color” is made up of strawberry Jade, Pyrite, Dragon Skin Jasper, purple druzy agate, yellow Turquoise, black Shell Pearl, blue Crazy Lace Agate, and matte orange Agate. 

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