Collection: NBIA Disorders Association

Join NBIA Disorders Association and Embrace Our Souls to raise awareness for Rare Diseases! 

Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation disorders are a group of ultra rare, progressive and degenerative disorders. We are honored to be part of the solution to finding a cure and providing hope and support for families. Each bracelet sold will earn a $5.00 give back to NBIA Disorders Association to continue their amazing efforts to research and find cures for NBIA disorders. On behalf of NBIA Disorders Association and Embrace Our Souls, we THANK YOU!

Please be sure to use code NBIA in the discount code box at checkout to ensure we are able to track all sales for this fundraiser. We want to make sure every sale is counted!

Oh, and also! If you are browsing our site and see any other bracelet you love, please know that we will give back $5.00 for ANY BRACELET purchased on our site, with the NBIA code!