Collection: Autism Acceptance

Autism Acceptance is more than just awareness. I think we are all aware that autism exists in our schools, communities and families. What's more important than being aware is being accepting of neurodiversity, and celebrating it! There is much to learn from our friends with autism.

EOS is donating $5.00 per bracelet to Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN), and organization that advocates for the involvement of people with autism in discussions and decision-making about autism. I am a firm believer that going to the ones directly impacted and and lifting up their voices is the best way to really make waves of change.

Please support this amazing cause! We have custom designed two Autism Acceptance bracelets with a heart and infinity symbol charm, and any other bracelet purchased from our site will earn the $5.00/bracelet give back! Please be sure to enter code ACCEPTANCE at checkout so we can properly track all sales!